Friday, August 31, 2018

Eddie is famous! Posted August 31, 2018

In an effort to catch up here's a post for those of you who attended our bandings and maybe met Eddie.  Eddie is our practice bird that we use to introduce people to holding a bird properly.  We see how they do and then they get to help release one of the birds we banded.

We were surprised to have the Institute for Bird Populations use a photo of Eddie from our blog in their April newsletter.  The IBP coordinates a banding effort called MAPS.  MAPS stands for Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship.  This program monitors breeding birds across the US and Canada.  MAPS was one of my early banding experiences. 

Many thanks to Nancy Price who found this newsletter online!

Eddie was once again helping folks feel comfortable holding a bird.  He (and Bill and I) visited a class of new banders last week.  More on that in another post after some more catch-up..........

More catch-up - Posted 8/31/2018

Almost two years ago we heard from Ben Oldfield in Ontario about a Painted Bunting that was banded there on 9/12/16 and outfitted with a  MOTUS tag (more info here  MOTUS is a collaborative automated radio telemetry array used to track small animals.  Long  Point Bird Observatory banded the hatch year Painted Bunting and added the MOTUS tag as part of their program to track vagrant birds.   

We heard from Ben in June (in the midst of our move!) and he sent this map of the route of the bunting.  Maybe it belonged to the western population of Painteds as it was headed southwest.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer 2018 - posted August 15, 2018

Dear blog followers,

It has been a while since a post and I hope you are all still following.  Soon I will do at least EIGHT more posts with banding/sighting reports that have happened over the late spring and summer of 2018.  After I get data entry finished there will also be a summary report.  We banded 355 Painted Buntings in Season 5 for a grand total of 1616.  Of course there were incidental birds too. 

Painted Bunting (male) at Fort DeSoto
Photo by Nancy LaFramboise

Until then let's start with more recent news.  Painted Buntings are back!  The PB host in Kissimmee reported a bird molting from green to male on August 5.  It is banded and contributes a lot of info for our project.  The site in Jupiter also has a returning bunting.  Keep an eye out!  Likely there will be more reports soon.  Prior to our study these August reports were pretty much not heard about.  With the advent of eBird and our hosts, we now know this is completely normal.  It likely was always true, just unnoticed.

banded Painted Buntings at DuPuis Wildlife and Environmental Area
Photo by Nancy LaFramboise

Many of you now know that we will not be banding Painted Buntings any longer.  There are still sites on the east coast that do though.  The study can actually continue if you will still report band sightings.    I STILL WANT SIGHTINGS!!  They can be sent to     Also, if you see banded Painted Buntings on any other media, please send the link.  Some of those eight catch-up entries will report some interesting findings from Facebook and other sightings.

banded Painted Bunting at DuPuis Wildlife and Environmental Area
Photo by Nancy LaFramboise

We have moved to Washington state.  We will continue banding but not Painted Buntings.  So, here is my request:  I'd like to continue the blog but I need to know what you would be interested in reading.  We will be traveling more and I could add bird reports.  I am still trying to learn butterflies and could add a few.  Or I can just continue a banding blog with our western projects.  Your opinion is important to me.  Please sent an email with your input on what you'd like to read.  (