Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18, 2014

We really tried to dodge the raindrops.  It was a valiant effort.  We set up nets and soon caught a new Gray Catbird.

Not long after we recaptured the Wood Thrush from last week.  Photo from then too.

Wood Thrush
Photo by Georgia Binderow

A few chip notes and we were surprised to find an Ovenbird in our net.  It was originally banded on September 9 of this year.  It had not stored any fat but weighed a bit more than last time.  Had it built up muscle mass missing after a hard migration?  It's a good theory.

Sorry no new photos - very humid.  The rain started and we bailed.

Next scheduled banding:  NOTE TWO WEEKS OFF  until December 9.  Nets go up at 6:15.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 11, 2014

Today was a day of great variety, great company, and a great bird.  We banded 6 birds and for this time of year, that is a good number.  We expect over-wintering birds and residents.  Gray Catbirds never seem to disappoint this time of year.  It still feels like numbers are low.  We banded 2 today.

The next bird was a bit unexpected although some may over-winter.  We had a Black-thoated Blue Warbler that was clearly a hatch-year bird.  Its throat still showed a few white feathers.  If I get a photo from the photographers, I will add it.

We had a bit of a quiet spell and then the surprise.  A new bird on the property and a new species for me to band.  You can imagine my surprise when Nancy Price brought a Wood Thrush to the banding table.  Not only had we never documented one on the property, this one may be quite late going through.

Wood Thrush
Photo by Pat Marshall

Wood Thrush (body molt)
Photo by Georgia Binderow

We aged the bird to be hatch-year based on light tips on the coverts.  It also had some body molt still happening.

Then almost at the end of our session we got a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  We had not had one at Possum Long in 2014. They are such small critters weighing in at 6 grams! (Just a tad over 1 nickel.)

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Photo by Georgia Binderow

Last but not least we banded our 5th Painted Bunting in 2014 at Possum Long.  Painted Bunting season is just ramping up.  Follow Season Two in the Pages section.  This bird cannot be aged or sexed in Florida in winter.  It could be female or a hatch year male.

Painted Bunting
Photo by Georgia Binderow

Next banding will be November 18.  Nets go up at 6 am.  NO BANDING AT POSSUM LONG on November 25 or December 2.  We hope there will be birds and a continuation of banding on December 9 & 16.  Always watch the end of the blog entry for the latest schedule.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 4, 2014

Just a few things to note.  We did not hold a session on November 4 as Audubon of Martin county needed the property for an event.  You can always see the information on "next banding" at the bottom of the latest post.

Things will be slowing down at Possum Long likely by mid-December.  However, we will be doing more Painted Bunting banding.  You can keep up with the latest on Painted Buntings as well as incidental captures on the page called "Painted Buntings - Season 2".  Pages are to the right of the main blog.  Scroll to the bottom for the latest news once you have read the beginning.

Next banding November 11.  Nets go up at 6 am.  We will not be banding on November 25.