Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November 21, 2017 Session cancelled due to rain

This session is cancelled due to rain.  See you next week.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Wild Turkey
not taken at Possum Long

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 14, 17, and 19

Tuesday at Possum Long was better with the arrival of more Yellow-rumped Warblers.  We banded 4 of them in addition to a Black-throated Blue Warbler, 2 Gray Catbirds, and a Northern Cardinal. 

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Photo by Pete Grannis

Gray Catbird
Photo by Pete Grannis

Black-throated Blue Warbler
Photo by Pete Grannis

Since we have been banding near the pond at Possum Long, several folks wondered if there were more birds back at our "woods" net.  This area is our best area for numbers and diversity.  No coincidence that it is densely vegetated and has pretty good ground cover.

So, we returned to Possum Long on Friday to test the theory.  It did pay off.  We banded 2 Painted Buntings (known for their love of cover), 2 Gray Catbirds, and an American Redstart.  We also recaptured the Carolina Wren that was one of the first birds we banded this fall.  We could not get all of the bird's measurements then as it was molting.  It is now fully feathered and we collected all of the typical data.

Carolina Wren

On Sunday we revisited PB 1.  Though there were quite a few birds attending the feeders, it was a bit windy and we only caught 3 new buntings and recaptured one from last spring.  It had been banded as a young, green bird and it remained green so we now know it is a female.  

Painted Bunting (male)
Photo by Bill LaFramboise

Grand total of Painted Buntings to date is 45.

Next scheduled banding at Possum Long is November 21.  Nets go up at 6:30 am.

Monday, November 13, 2017

November 4, 5, and 7, 2017

Things have really slowed down yet we are still catching a few new birds.  We banded at PB 32 on Saturday and at Possum Long on Sunday and Tuesday.

Painted Bunting sessions will become more of our entries over the next few months.  We will continue at Possum Long until early December but will be taking a break over the holidays.

Our return trip to PB 32 was productive.  We banded 2 new buntings and recaptured another.  It is always great visiting with our hosts.

Painted Bunting
Photo by Bill LaFramboise

On Sunday we tried setting up at the pond at Possum Long.  Unfortunately the water is high so we cannot span the water as we have in the past.  We did manage to catch a Painted Bunting, 2 Gray Catbirds, a Common Yellowthroat, and an Eastern Phoebe.  Eastern Phoebes are winter residents and we rarely catch them.

Eastern Phoebe
Photo by Bill LaFramboise

Gray Catbird
Photo by Bill LaFramboise

Common Yellowthroat
Photo by Bill LaFramboise

At our regular Tuesday session we again caught Painted Buntings, two of them.  The good news is there seem to still be some banded and unbanded ones around.  Maybe they are still arriving??  We also caught a Common Yellowthroat that had been banded last year.  Nice to see some site fidelity in that species.

Painted Bunting - hatch year, sex unknown
Photo by Pete Grannis

Common Yellowthroat
Photo by Pete Grannis

The next regularly scheduled Possum Long banding will be on November 14.  Nets go up at 6:15.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 31, 2017

Tuesday banding at Possum Long was much busier this week but the migrant birds have mostly moved through.  It is really hard to predict which ones will stay and over winter and which ones are still moving through.  We had a lot of Gray Catbirds on the property.  We banded four.  We also banded three Painted Buntings and recaptured another one from last spring.  I believe the population is increasing on the property.

We also banded one new Palm Warbler and a Black-throated Blue Warbler.  There were quite a few recaptures (Ovenbird, Black-throated Blue Warbler, American Redstart, Gray Catbird).  Most had been banded within the past month.  Comparing fat now to when they were banded was concerning.  Most had not gained fat.  Maybe they will just over-winter.

American Redstart - recapture
Photo by Pete Grannis

Since I didn't get any Painted Bunting photos from this session I am posting a photo of a male we banded at PB 61 on Sunday.

male Painted Bunting
Photo by Bill LaFramboise

Who is on the Osprey pole?  During the last few sessions at Possum Long I heard that the following happened but I didn't get the photos until yesterday.  

Who is on the Osprey pole?

We have had recent flyovers of Egyptian Geese; a recently established exotic in Florida.  I never expected them actually be on the property.  I have seen Canada Geese on Osprey poles before.  They roost there until the residents return.  Must be safe up there.  I was glad to finally get a photo of this.

Egyptian Geese on the Osprey pole

Megan has been volunteering with us for the past few months.  She has such great enthusiasm and drive to learn and help.  She banded her first bird this session.  

Megan with her first banded bird
Gray Catbird

Next scheduled banding session is Tuesday, November 6.  Keep in mind the time change.  Nets go up at 6:30.