Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015 - Go see Painted Buntings - Season Two Page

Well it has been a while since there was something to post.  We just got word that one of our color-banded Painted Buntings was observed in Georgia.  I'm going to put the story and more photos on the Painted Buntings - Season Two page (look for Pages in the upper right of the blog front page and scroll to the end).  The pages don't send out notifications so this post should if you have signed up.

We hope to start banding at Possum Long within the month.  Unless volunteers' schedules change we will be regularly banding on Tuesdays and will have "emergency" sessions when there are a lot of migrants (please).  I will post again when we set a date.  Hope to see you then.

Painted Bunting resighting, Skidaway Beach SP, GA
Photo by Debbie Carr-Taylor